Derma Medical Foundation + Advance (Combined) Course

Our highly sought-after 2-day combined injectables and dermal fillers training course – the perfect choice for aspiring practitioners in aesthetics. This transformative program merges our foundation and advanced courses, enabling you to save 10% on the regular booking price. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive journey spanning 19 common aesthetic treatments and gain invaluable hands-on experience by practicing on live cosmetic models every afternoon.

Prior to the course, delve into thoughtfully curated pre-course reading materials, equipping you with essential knowledge for skillful administration of these treatments. These resources will also serve as invaluable revision materials for your future practice. Engaging lectures on crucial subjects like anatomy, complications, consultation techniques, and business development await you during the course. By the conclusion of the morning session, you will possess a comprehensive theoretical foundation necessary to embark on your injecting journey. Our team of highly skilled aesthetic trainers will guide you through observing and treating live models in afternoon clinic sessions, in small groups of four or fewer.

This hands-on approach fosters confidence and effectively prepares you for a successful career in aesthetics. These practical sessions seamlessly complement the morning lectures, ensuring a holistic learning experience throughout our esteemed 2-day combined injectables and dermal fillers course.

✓Mastery of 19 procedures: This encompasses 14 anti-wrinkle injectables and 5 dermal fillers treatments commonly offered in cosmetic clinics, ensuring comprehensive skill development.

✓Expanded treatment portfolio for clients: By mastering a diverse array of procedures across both days, you can cater to the evolving demands of informed patients seeking combination treatments.

✓Enhanced employability in clinic settings: The Combined Package sets you apart as an advanced practitioner, offering a competitive edge over those with only foundation training.

✓Abundant practical experience with live cosmetic models: Each course guarantees a minimum of half a day dedicated to practical work on live models, facilitating hands-on learning and ample exposure to real-world scenarios.

✓CPD accreditation: Completion of the Combined Course with Derma Medical accrues 16 CPD points, demonstrating ongoing professional development and commitment to excellence.

✓Aesthetic Injector Certification: Graduates of the Combined Course attain DM Certified Aesthetic Injector status, marking a significant milestone in their career advancement.