Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Fillers Training for Doctors

At Derma Medical we teach dermal filler masterclasses in Dubai. Our courses are suitable for Doctors from the UAE, Middle East or internationally.

It’s no great secret that doctors are some of the hardest working professionals in Dubai. We work tirelessly, often through long and unsociable hours. Training programmes after medical school are increasingly competitive and extend over many years until you reach the end. But too often, we don’t get the opportunity to work in the departments or disciplines we trained so hard for.

Although many doctors love their roles, many also want better job security, flexibility and better standards of pay and recognition for their efforts.

Our mission is to help medical professionals across Dubai achieve many of the things they are missing in their current job roles.

If you want to work in an environment where you are properly rewarded for your skills, efforts and knowledge, we believe the Medical Aesthetics industry is the best opportunity for any doctor or surgeon in Dubai.

Why Doctors Should Train in Aesthetics

At Derma Medical we have trained many doctors aspiring to create their dream lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons Doctors should consider training in Dermal Fillers:

Booming industry currently $4.4billion and growing
45% increase in use of Dermal Fillers in the last year
Increasing discovery of nonsurgical procedures with a huge shift towards Nonsurgical vs Surgical
Minimally invasive, Non-permanent, Low-risk work that is quite often reversible
Short-course of training, with quick and easy to administer treatments
You do not need to be a specialist or a consultant

Cosmetic Doctors – What Next?

As the Medical Aesthetics industry continues to grow year on year, demand for high quality aesthetic treatments administered by highly skilled medical professionals is crucial if we are to ensure the highest standards in medical cosmetics are met. At Derma Medical, we don’t just train you in the latest advanced medical aesthetic techniques, but also provide immediate employment opportunities in the industry not offered elsewhere.

If you would like to discuss how a single weekend invested in training with Derma Medical could transform your current circumstances and help you enjoy Greater Wealth, Job Satisfaction and a Better Work/Life balance we would love the opportunity to show you.

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